This week I had the opportunity to acquire an Amazon Echo for a discounted price of 129 usd. Lucky for me, it was prime day! It’s the first time I got to shop in one of Amazon’s deep discount events. Anyways, I was interested in learning how Alexa’s service works since the Echo first came out. Iv’e always liked the AI component of technologies. Amazon provides a sweet collection of tools, guides and walkthroughs in their Alexa Skills Kit (a convenient “ASK” for short). Getting started I felt a overwhelmed by the amount of resources available. So, I picked to watch the small Udemy course they offer on the subject. The course picks up speed very fast so I had to pause and write down the concepts. Totally worth watching to get started. As far as my Bloc program goes I have been pushing hard to catch up on my progress. With the completion of the Alexa project I should be caught up completely.

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