I found a way to solve the dreaded “Disk not ejected properly”. As a owner of a MacBook (early 2015) I am used to carry it around all the time. Carrying around my equipment has innumerable benefits. One pitfall is the risk of losing or damaging the laptop outside. There is no way I am going to lose all my information (and precious Dev Environments). Off course I have a time machine set up in an Lacie Rugged external HDD for my MacBook to come back to.

When I dock my MacBook into its throne I use Apple’s three way dongle (HDMI, USB-C, USB). This enables me to use an external monitor, charge the laptop and had my time machine backing up everything. When the MacBook went into a “Power Nap” it disconnecting my time machine in a brutish way. When I logged back in I would always get that scary error. I looked online and found this neat application that ejects and remounts external HDD on sleep and wake: Jettison. I am using the free trial for now, but I intend to purchase the license when it expires. If you have your Mac ditching your HDD on sleep all the time give it a try.