I had a great time setting an old MacBook Pro of mine to use. A 2009 MBP that doesn’t seem too old but it can’t hold any charge on the battery. I decided to take it back from retirement and set it up as a media server. I currently own a MacBook with a somewhat small 256GB SSD and I can’t keep all my media in it. I installed the latest version of macOs (sierra 10.12.4 at the time of writing) and the rest was breeze. A trip to System Preferences to turn on File Sharing and Remote Management. As easy as that, and a new icon popped up in the sidebar of my finder window. A nice little MBP icon that granted me access to an extra 512GB of storage :)

I moved my life long photo collection (40 GB) and lossless CD imports into the new-old MBP. This saved a lot of space in my already overwhelmed SSD. I mounted my Time Capsule external HDD on my MBP and allowed it to back up my MacBook wirelessly. Except it took too long to complete a single back up. The MBP was plugged in to the internet via ethernet (not a common thing these days) to optimize the speed but it didn’t cut it. I will look for other solutions.