Where should I apply? What cities to consider? There are so many options available that is mind boggling. NYC, SF, Austin, LA. I know that the top schools are located in NYC and SF. App Academy is the first to come to mind. It has a great reputation and many of its alumni are working in top companies. App Academy has two locations. One in SF and the other in NYC. This will be the first bootcamp in my list definitely one of my top choices. Then Fullstack Academy in NYC and Chicago also has a great CTO program in their immersive as well as awesome startup practice. Last but not least comes Hack Reactor with its many campuses in the US. Its first and main HQ are located in SF, but it has schools in Austin, LA and NYC. This is also a great bootcamp with tons of great reviews. It’s also great that they have a couple more cities where I could choose to go.