After some hard thinking and analysis my wife and I have decided to move to Austin. I will attend Hack Reactor instead of App Academy. The super high cost of life in San Francisco has made it impossible for us to move there. Specially since we have a little baby girl that we have to budget for.

I am super pumped for Hack Reactor. It is as good as Hack Reactor and it focuses on Javascript. From what I’ve seen online its clear that Javascript is here to stay and will be the foundation for the future of web applications. Hack Reactor’s curriculum is future proof and will prepare me like no other for my career as a Software Engineer. Iv’e never been to Austin but from my research it looks like its an amazing city. It has a Formula 1 race track! I didn’t know that. Its cost of living is lower and its great for kids and young families. I am excited to move there this coming march!