This application allowed users to create posts, comment on them, save them as favorites and even vote them up or down. Unlike the very first project I did, this one uses standard testing.


The main feature for bloccit was to be able to keep tabs on what posts and comments a user had written. This feature was centralized in the user’s profile allowing a simple and fast way to access their content.


Signing up was solved using a custom made authentication and authorization solution. This allowed me to understand the power of restricting access using rails’ controllers.

Commenting, up-voting or down-voting posts was made magical with ajax and its non-obtrusive JS. This really amazed me!

Test-Driven-Development (I wish I’d used this in my first project) was the greatest tool to assure assertive and simple code.

Building an API taught me the now industry standard way of how developers interact with developers.


The intended features worked as expected. A joy to work on this project.


The large amount of intermediate and advanced material I learned with this project will serve as a launching pad for my next creations.