Before I started this project I was always curious to understand how AI worked. Developing for the Amazon Alexa team was a great way to start in the field. The main core of my Alexa Skill is developed using Javascript and node.js. Amazon’s developing suite allowed me to learn how apps are hosted using Amazon Web Services.


The goal for this project was to learn the development of Alexa Skills. Users who used the app would need to use specific “intents” to begin the game. To cover the greatest number of users it was crucial to come up with a large variety of “intents”.


I looked at other Alexa skills and used LEGO specific language as reference to create the intents.


Trivia Game for LEGO was certified and published by Amazon on July 21st, 2016. When I completed the project I wanted to keep adding trivia questions to my skill, thus it is still a work in progress.


Alexa skills and enabled devices have grown substantially in the past 8 months. The ease of use of Alexa will secure the success of the technology. This leads me to think that any successful company, will need to develop their own Alexa Skill to complement any technology available to their customers.